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ES-Computing EditPlus 4.3.1256 Final

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ES-Computing EditPlus 4.3.1256 Final Full Version - EditPlus merupakan software editir teks yang dapat Anda gunakan untuk editor teks fungsional, editor HTML, editor PHP, editor Java dan Hex Viewer for Windows. Meskipun dapat berfungsi sebagai pengganti Notepad, EditPlus menawarkan banyak fitur canggih untuk penulis halaman web dan pemrogram.

EditPlus memiliki pemeriksaan ejaan, nomor baris berturut-turut, termasuk mesin pencari yang canggih, dan banyak pilihan lainnya, terutama untuk pengembang. Perlu diketahui bahwa ada tambahan fitur built-in web browser, yang memungkinkan preview desain membuat applet HTML dan Java.

Features :

  • The highlight syntax of programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, PERL, JAVA, JavaScript, VBScript, C ++ / C
  • line number, ruler, column selection, powerful search and replace, multiple undo / redo, spell Republic, custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Ability to add new programming languages ​​to program creates a file with personal SYNTAX
  • The ability to view a preview of the HTML document and a Java applet using the browser window without leaving the app and editor
  • Basic commands internet browser support browser window
  • Support for FTP commands to transfer files and edit them directly to a remote FTP SERVER
  • Ability to insert HTML tags are very easy and fast in a public document
  • program support useful tool for HTML design documents. Tools to generate tables, color insert HTML code, enter the code HTML special characters, inserted into the ActiveX OBJECT tags active in the system, put the script, put the applet ...
  • faster access to the document is opened or loaded on the system when compared to normal and open documents by clicking CTRL + TAB to achieve
  • program support auto-complete feature or PERL programming language and C ++ COMPLETE AUTO / C
  • It is easy and fast access to the HTML tag that uses CLIPTEXT
  • This document is divided into several sections and edit different parts of a file together
  • Ability to edit large text file
Size : 4 Mb

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