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Uninstall Tool 3.5.3 Build 5561 Final

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Uninstall Tool 3.5.3 Build 5561 Final Terbaru merupakan sebuah software yang dirancang untuk meng-uninstall program dengan cepat, mudah dan bebas dari sistem Windows PC atau laptop. Perangkat lunak ini memberi Anda kemampuan untuk dapat menemukan folder tempat Anda menginstal aplikasi dengan mudah.

Uninstall Tool telah disempurnakan dengan antarmuka toolbar dan menambahkan kemampuan untuk memulai menu pada Windows 7 dan Windows 10. Salah satu fitur baru dari program ini adalah Install Tracker layanan. Dengan fitur ini Anda bisa menginstal aplikasi baru, lalu layanan akan diikuti oleh semua file yang dibuat dengan entri di sistem registry.

- Revised and improved User Interface (including new icons)
- Secondary toolbar with addional functions (can be hidden)
- Adjustable positions of toolbars (top/bottom/side)
- Simplified and more convenient use of task panel (in the left of Uninstaller and Startup managers), added keyboard navigation for task panel controls
- Automatic check for updates (optional) and new version dialog with 'what's new' list
- Improved preferences dialog
- New HTML report (both for Uninstaller and Startup manager)
- Running different Windows Tools (Tools menu)
- Program preferences are always saved to the 'preferences.xml' file (located in CSIDL_APPDATA\CrystalIdea Software\Uninstall Tool)
- 90% of program code is rewritten/reviewed/optimized
- Improved program stability

- Uninstall Wizard: faster scanning
- Uninstall Wizard: detection of running processes among found traces; termination on request
- Better program listing, better icon detection
- Ability to force stop uninstall processes (when third-party uninstaller is freezed)
- Show recent items in the secondary toolbar (not in status bar) with grouping items (Apps/System/Hidden) in a popup menu
- Improved cache algorithms
- Improved search filter usage
- List view with small icons looks better now
- Google for program name (Ctrl+G) and its publisher (see 'Action' menu)
- Uninstaller cache is now saved to 'CachedData.dat' file (located in CSIDL_APPDATA\CrystalIdea Software\Uninstall Tool). One can manually refresh the cache by simply pressing the Refresh button in the toolbar (F5)

New: Startup manager now displays tasks that automatically start on user logon. You can also add a new scheduled task with Uninstall Tool
New: great user interface experience with HiDPI display modes (e.g. 150% or 200% on modern 4k, 5k displays)
New: Install Tracker now monitors file/folder rename operations to provide even more accurate and fundamental tracing. The driver (CisUtMonitor.sys) is updated!
New: Launch Windows Task scheduler from Tools->System Tools menu
Many improvements
Many bugs fixed (more details coming soon)

Size : 4 Mb

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