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Fotosizer Professional Terbaru

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Fotosizer Professional Terbaru adalah software yang dapat membantu Anda mengubah ukuran foto atau gambar dengan cepat dan mudah. Dengan Fotosizer full terbaru Anda dapat mengubah ukuran gambar JPEG, bersama dengan format yang didukung lainnya.

Fotosizer memungkinkan Anda mengubah ukuran foto atau gambar dalam 3 langkah mudah, yaitu memilih foto yang ingin diubah ukurannya, dimensi, dan tempat Anda ingin menyimpan foto baru tersebut.

Resizes photo image files for:
  • Email Email attachments
  • Allows photos to be emailed without fear of the email bouncing back because it is too big for the recipient's mailbox.
  • Web pages Web pages
  • Allows photo thumbnails to be displayed on websites, that are smaller in file size than the originals. This
  • allows the web pages to be loaded quicker and ensures a better web browsing experience.
  • Photo sharing Photo-sharing web sites
  • Allows photos to be uploaded quickly to photo-sharing websites such as Flickr, Snapfish.
  • Photo prints Online photo-printing services
  • Allows your photos to be uploaded to online photo-printing services such as Kodak, Snapfish, much quicker.
  • eBaY ebaY and other auction sites
  • Quite often, ebaY and other online auction site listings will contain photos of the product(s) being sold. Fotosizer allows you to resize your product photos so that you can then display them more easily and quickly on your aution listing.
  • Slideshow Slide shows
  • Fotosizer allows you to batch resize all the photos that you might want in a slide show to the same size, giving a much better appearance to the slide show.
  • Office documents Office documents and presentations
  • Fotosizer allows you to resize your images before adding them to your Microsoft Word documents, or PowerPoint Presentations. This reduces "bloated" document file sizes, allowing documents to be sent by email, opened quicker.
Cara Install:

  • Download Fotosizer & Ekstrak file
  • Install software seperti biasanya
  • Buka program
  • Lalu buka keygen, jalankan keygen
  • Gunakan serial untuk aktivasi
  • Done full

Size : 3.5 Mb

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